Travel health insurance for the USA

The USA is the perfect place for adventures! However, America also has one of the most expensive healthcare systems in the world. That's why good insurance coverage is indispensable protection while on vacation. We explain everything you need to know about travel health insurance for the USA.


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Do I need travel health insurance for the USA?

A surfing course in California, a road trip to the Grand Canyon, skiing in the Rocky Mountains – there are many exciting adventures to be experienced in America! But before you go, you still have to organize a few things. In addition to the ESTA travel authorization, you definitely should also remember to take out travel insurance for the USA.

While it is generally advisable to have health insurance when traveling abroad, it is especially important in the US as health care costs in North America are staggering. In general, doctors' offices and clinics are very well-equipped and up to date in the United States. However, a visit to the doctor, emergency medical treatment, or hospitalization can easily cost several hundred – if not several thousand – dollars.

Drug prices in the United States are among the highest in the world. The cost of ambulance transportation should also not be underestimated, as the distance to the nearest clinic is sometimes very long in the large area of the United States.

Therefore, if you become ill or injured while on the other side of the Atlantic and you do not have travel insurance for the USA, you will have to pay for any medical treatment, ambulance transportation, or hospitalization costs out of your own pocket.

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The travel health insurance covers the following services:

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Emergency medical or dental treatment
  • Transportation after a medical emergency
  • Costs related to a COVID-19 infection (medical treatment or quarantine order)

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Benefits of travel health insurance

Travel health insurance for the USA is an important protection against high health costs that may arise in the event of a medical emergency while you are on vacation.

Basic services of a travel health insurance

In general, travel medical insurance covers the costs associated with necessary medical treatments. Specifically, these are:

  • Medical check-ups
  • Medical treatments
  • Search, rescue, and recovery costs
  • Ambulance transport after medical emergencies
  • Hospitalization
  • Medications
  • Medical equipment (bandages, plasters, etc.)
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Return medical transport to the home country

Additional services of a travel health insurance

Depending on the insurance provider and the tariff, travel health insurance for the USA may include additional benefits. However, it is also possible that certain benefits are not yet included in the international health insurance for the USA that you have chosen. Such additional benefits may include:

  • Treatments of COVID-19 infections
  • Visits of relatives during hospitalization
  • Supervision and transportation of minors
  • Supervision and transportation of pets
  • Transport of luggage in case of repatriation

If your holiday plans include doing extreme or high-risk sports such as climbing, diving, or skiing, it is often necessary to take out additional insurance (e.g. special sports insurance or travel accident insurance) that includes treatment costs and reimbursement for sports equipment in the event of an accident.


Depending on your travel plans and personal situation, it may be worthwhile to take out additional insurance. Such additional benefits are, for example, travel cancelation insurance, luggage insurance, or travel liability insurance.

Taking out travel health insurance for the USA

Since there are a large number of providers of travel health insurance, you must carefully review the terms and fees of the various policies and weigh up which insurance best suits your individual needs. The packages offered and their costs vary from provider to provider.


Healthcare costs in the United States and Canada are well above average. That is why some insurance companies offer worldwide rates for countries outside the USA and Canada. Therefore, be sure that your travel health insurance includes the USA if you are planning a vacation in America!

When do I need to purchase the insurance?

You can usually take out travel health insurance online within a few minutes. Since some providers allow you to indicate the current date as the start of the insurance, you can theoretically purchase the insurance shortly before your trip.

However, we recommend that you organize your travel health insurance for the USA well in advance of your holiday. This will give you enough time to inform yourself about the different providers, tariffs, and services and thus find the best offer for your personal travel plans.

Cost of travel health insurance

Providers of travel health insurance usually determine the cost of their policies individually. The personal situation and travel plans of the customer are the decisive factors for the price. The following factors can affect the insurance fee:

  • Amount of coverage
  • Amount of deductibles
  • Number of insured persons (e.g., when traveling with children)
  • Age of the insured persons
  • Pre-existing conditions of the insured persons
  • Planned activities in the USA
  • Duration of the stay in the USA

Depending on the provider, travel health insurance can often be taken out either for a single journey or for several journeys within one year. If you opt for the annual tariff, it is usually automatically renewed for another year if you let the cancellation period (usually 1 - 3 months) elapse.

For longer stays in the USA of about eight to ten weeks at a time, e.g. for a semester abroad or a round-the-world travel, a classic travel health insurance is usually not sufficient and you have to take out a long-term insurance. Therefore, make sure that the maximum validity of the travel health insurance for the USA corresponds to the duration of your trip.

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